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"Incredible pianist David Leonhardt galvanized the audience into waves of applause and a standing ovation! "

Andrzej Pilarczyk,
The Source

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A Grand Night For Jazz
The Intelligencer
Apr 13, 2001

It was a grand night for Gershwin as the David Leonhardt Jazz Group took the stage at the Longs Park Amphitheater Sunday. A large crowd listened , enraptured by Leonhardt’s band as they paid tribute to the sweet sounds of George Gershwin. Together with his talented quintet he filled the air with the velvety tones and toe tapping melodies that would have made Gershwin nod with approval. Adding to the evening was Nancy Reed a talented singer whose voice and style are reminiscent of Ella Fitzgerald.

Prior to the concert the group presented an introductory course for younger members of the audience who were just discovering the bluesy sound of jazz. They loved and so did we all.

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